Bring a piece of the Holy Land to your home

Jerusalem Prestige Gift Box

Plant a tree in the Holy Land.
A prestigious and special gift.
A combination of planting a tree in the Holy Land with a medal made of
pure silver.
Especially suitable for anyone who has the Holy Land in his heart

A variety of unique authentic gifts produced and sent from the Holy
Land. Here you will find a sacred gift set, olive wood products, pure
silver medals of Jerusalem and more

Holy Land Delights

Enjoy the delicious produce of the Holy Land. Products based on natural
materials. Honey, olive oil, tahini and dates

From the lowest place on earth. Great cosmetics and spa products.
Containing natural minerals that do only good for body and soul

Many events are happening around us: childbirth, one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, mother’s day or father’s day or just a personal important moment. 
Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Passover, or  other holydays.

A surprise from the Holy Land will be able to express your spiritual support to your loved ones.




We have a wide range of beautiful creative gifts.
That includes :
– Original Designs for home décor
– Functional design item
– Personalized gift 
– Handmade artistic items
All of witch are based on the traditional value of the Holyland and creativity and variety of artists 


faith, wisdom and kindness

Holyland Gift BOX enables people from all over the world to have a thread of communication with the Holy Land. This thread will connect in one chain you and your loved ones with a place of strength, faith, wisdom and kindness. This powerful incentive will open a person’s high potential to overcome difficulties and do good deeds. 


Gift that match your wish

Bring a smile on the face of someone special to you.
Our gifts are adjusted for everyone your best friend, grandparents, mother and father.
Your girlfriend, you working colleague, your wife or husband and even for yourself.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm

Shipping fees:
From 17.90usd for standard delivery

Address: Holy Land Gift Box,27 Shalva st, Herzliya  4666225, Israel


Phone: +972 54 632 9621

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