Our concept is unique.

Inside your giftbox you will find a surprise from the Holy Land

We choose the perfect and unexpected gift.

We have a wide range of beautiful items : decor for a home or workplace, a functional  design elements or art object.

Common to all is the fact that they are all manufactured and / or designed here in the Holyland by local designers and artist

Each gift is a sign for inspiration, joy and new beginnings

We take ideas based on the traditional values of the Holy Land and use the skill and creativity of a wide variety of artists.

Tradition and spirituality creative artist and designers are inextricably linked with the tradition and history of the Holy Land which directly affects each and every gift you are ordering.

Why a gift box coming from the Holy land?

Holyland Gift Box enables people from all over the world to have a thread of communication with the Holy Land. This thread will connect in one chain, you and your loved ones with a place of strength, faith, wisdom and kindness.

Stay home and get something from the holy land or surprise your loved oneS

Many events are happening around us:

Family event like childbirth, birthday, wedding, communion or anniversary.

Personal occasion as getting a good grade in a test, overcoming an obstacle at work, important achievements in a project or just a something personal.

A Gift Box from the Holy Land can express your spiritual support to a loved one. Send a surprise gift box from the holy land and let a little piece from the holy land coming to your beloved home

Enough being banal impress your loved one

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm

Shipping fees:
From 17.90usd for standard delivery

Address: Holy Land Gift Box,27 Shalva st, Herzliya  4666225, Israel

Email: contact@holylandgiftbox.com

Phone: +972 54 632 9621

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