Plant a tree in holyland

your tree in the holyland

Plant a tree: How does it work ?

Planting a tree in the Holy Land is a great gift for you or your loved ones. It creates a connection with the Holy Land, preserve the present and ensure the future.  When you plant a virtual tree on the website.

, a real tree is planted by JNF foresters in the Ben Shemen forest, which is one of the forests around Jerusalem.

We transfer the details to the JNF and receive an official certificate from them attesting to the planting.

The amount requested by the JNF for the planting is a donation of $ 11. It is important to note that we do not charge for the possibility of plant a tree virtualy through the site, but the amount requested from the JNF.
This amount is transferred in full to the JNF. The option to plant through the site is provided by us as a non-profit service.

Jerusalem Prestige Gift box price : 113 $
Include plant a tree certificat + 1 OZ Pure Silver Round


Plant your tree

plant a tree in israel certificate

For those who want to be original and receive or surprise someone with a special, extraordinary and prestigious gift.

The Jerusalem Prestige  gift box is the gift for you.

In the gift box you will find a symbolic item: An official certificate from the JNF stating that a tree was planted in your behalf in one of the forests around Jerusalem.

In addition you will get the ‘Dove of Peace’ silver round (1 OZ.silver 999 BU). A message of peace, tranquility and brotherhood.
The silver Bullion comes in a unique and beautiful packaging with the caption “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”

Please fill in the details here and we will make sure to pass it on to the JNF, so that a real tree will be planted in your honor or in honor of your loved ones.